Slow Feeder Dog Bowl


dog bowl

Dogs often rush their food causing potential indigestion and other health issues. The slow feeder bowl design prevents the dog from taking large mouthfuls by separating the food into smaller segments.

I hope your dog enjoys it 🙂


Prints without support. 15% fill works well. I suggest using PLA given its food-safe properties. I also suggest printing at least 1mm shell thickness and 5 solid layers top and bottom for better water proofing.



or if you prefer a standard dog bowl, click here:



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  1. thanks mate made this for our little mini Daschund and its great what would take seconds to eat now take a couple of Minutes so thanks you, do you by any chance have a flate botom version?

    1. Hi Michael

      I finally added a standard bowl for download. I hope your mini Daschund is doing well.


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