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Shelfie allows you to design your own storage and shelf systems using a fully parametric brackets. Simply generate the required Shelfie connectors based on your preferred storage layout using OpenSCAD. It is based on the original concept idea from Milla Niskakoski


I was impressed with the simplicity and practicality of Milla’s initial design, but ran into some limitations when trying to construct my own shelves. The key improvements are:

  • Customisable thicknesses. I wanted to use the scrap wood I had lying around rather than purchase new material.
  • Mixed thicknesses. I wanted to use glass shelves with wood sides, but it wasn’t possible unless they were the same thickness.


  • Wall mounting bracket option. Particularly for tall shelves, this is an important safety feature. Wall brackets also support cross-bracing by connecting a tensioned line between opposite corners or adding a back panel.


  • Ability to alter the size of the bracket or the wall thickness to increase strength.
  • Ability to attach a shelf or divider mid-span or mid-panel. Allows use of longer shelves or supports for extra strength and adding a shelf or divider in-between.


Shelfie provides full control over all parameters so you can mix materials of any thickness, add wall mounts, alter the bracket size, mid mount shelves, change the screw hole size etc.


Plan the storage layout and the types of brackets required. Select the bracket type and options to suit your particular materials and alter the required parameters in OpenSCAD to generate the STL file. The brackets are very easy to print and require no special instructions.

Note: If you set the Base Thickness to ‘0’, you can create brackets that do not need to be mounted on the panel edge i.e. mid-panel mounting.




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